Trustworthy Collaborative Law Guidance

Collaborative law is an excellent alternative for solving conflicts and disputes that might arise in divorces and other family law matters.

I am attorney Teena Johnson, and I believe strongly in the benefits of collaborative law and mediation. I have been trained and assist my clients in these methodologies and approaches to make divorce and other family law matters much easier to navigate.

In a divorce, an approach guided by collaborative law acknowledges and maintains each individual’s dignity and respect, supports the objectives of both parties, and helps solutions evolve through open communication and information sharing.

Conflict resolution without litigation

I believe that serious conflicts in divorce and family law matters can be resolved without the expense and spirit-crushing experience of going to court. I have seen it, and I have helped make it happen.

Negotiating mutually acceptable settlements outside the court system is usually in the best interests of my clients: It saves time, money, stress, and spares the children from emotional trauma that might affect them for the rest of their lives.

Often, collaborative law requires the assistance and know-how of other professionals. I have a network of excellent resources in areas of finance, business, asset evaluation, family dynamics, child psychology and child custody who are skilled at helping divorcing couples reach mutually acceptable solutions.

My credentials in collaborative law

I have received extensive training in collaborative law, conflict resolution, and mediation.  I have seen the benefits it can deliver through working with dozens of couples, over many years, to resolve their divorces or legal separations. I am a member, and past President, of the Collaborative Law Professionals of Pierce County and the Collaborative Professionals of Washington.

When mutual respect and an agreement to manage differences are maintained between individuals, both can usually move forward successfully.  It is not necessary for the spouses to be in agreement at the beginning or to even be all that amicable.  What is necessary is to have an open mind and a willingness to work together, with the help of professionals, to discuss and sort through the various issues involved in a marital separation.  I have experience working with individuals in conflict and will assist you in the process.

In collaborative law, each side has an attorney and everyone agrees to work together to solve disputes and problems – and, most importantly, to stay out of court. When you are my client, I will help you make your own decisions, which empowers you to achieve both satisfactory solutions and closure.

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