I often hear from prospective clients who are looking for ways to avoid going to court and for help in respectfully working with the other person to economically and efficiently create agreements.

One way to resolve disputes in family law is with mediation. As a mediator, I will objectively help you and the other person work out mutually agreeable solutions for your family law issue. We would do this by having one or more sessions together, with or without attorneys, to work through issues that will need to be decided.

When I am the mediator, I cannot give legal advice or draft your documents, only your attorney can do that.  I can, however, help both of you reach written agreements that you can then take to your attorney to be drafted into the appropriate paperwork, or you can draft them yourself.  I can also work with you if you are using a mediator, to answer your legal questions, draft your documents, and guide you through the legal process.

Please consider that sometimes another option, such as collaborative law or having an attorney draft documents reflecting your agreements with your spouse, may be a more efficient and appropriate way to work through your divorce or legal separation issues, while still incorporating the cooperative benefits of mediation. If you have questions about that, please contact our office online or call 253-210-2872.