How My Family Law Services Can Help

I have seen how the negative emotions connected to divorce can make you want to punish your spouse. However, after helping many clients through this tough emotional period, I’ve found that the best solutions are those that emphasize cooperation rather than animosity.

Try to get past the negative emotions

A collaborative, out-of-court approach to solving family law issues is quicker and less expensive than trying to drag your spouse over the coals. It minimizes emotional trauma for people who are divorcing and for their children.

At all times, I will provide straightforward advice to make your decisions easier, legal expertise to make achieving your goals more likely, and personal attention that will make the whole process as stress-free as possible.

The legal know-how you need

I possess the experience and qualifications to help you resolve family law matters using a variety of dispute resolution methods, whether it is litigation or more cooperative approaches such as mediation and collaborative law.

For over 20 years, I have represented clients at every level of dispute resolution in family law. Though you are not required to have an attorney for mediation or working out agreed orders with the other party, it is always a wise decision to have legal counsel for the advice you need to make informed decisions during the process. I am available for consultation and help with negotiating with the other party, or to act as your mediator.

A full range of family law services

I provide comprehensive legal guidance in family law matters, and have found that a spirit of cooperation rather than confrontation in any matter of family law pays dividends in these areas:

Collaborative law – People are more likely to accept and follow decisions they have made themselves. The alternative is to have decisions imposed upon you by a judge who follows strict guidelines that are supposed to fit everyone but seldom do. Collaborative law is a positive and more efficient way to approach the dissolution of a marriage.

Divorce– When possible, I urge you and your spouse to put negative emotions aside and work to achieve an amicable dissolution of your marriage. However, it is sometimes not possible if one of the divorcing spouses won’t let go of his or her anger and tries to punish the other spouse, or if there is dishonesty. In these cases, I will help you to fight for your rights in court, listen to you, and advocate tirelessly for you.

Child Custody – The best interests of the child are always a priority in Washington rulings. Although judges try to make the right custody decisions, I believe the parents are in a better position to work out arrangements that best fit their circumstances. I can help you develop a parenting plan that will work well for you and for your children.

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