I Help Families Divorce With Less Conflict

There’s an observation that notes, “When there are battles, there are always losers.”

I am attorney Teena Johnson, and in my years as a family law and divorce lawyer in Pierce and King Counties, I have seen many spouses prove time after time that when a battle centers on a contentious divorce, there are really no winners. In those cases, the spouse who is out to punish the other usually creates a stressful, expensive, extended court fight – producing the kind of fallout that does no one much good, especially children who are caught in the middle of their parents’ ugly divorce. I try to help my clients avoid that when possible.

I have also seen many spouses who are able, with assistance, to remain cooperative and calm throughout the process, resulting in a much more peaceful and satisfying resolution. It is possible to have a more amicable divorce, if spouses are open minded and willing, even if initially there may seem to be few areas of agreement. These spouses manage to treat each other with respect, without sacrificing their interests, and are better able to move forward with their separate lives.

Collaboration, not confrontation, gets better results

No one is at their best while going through a divorce. Your nerves are raw, you may be confused and scared – and people who are afraid often react in hostile ways. But there are better approaches to resolve problems than by lashing out through your attorney … approaches that empower you to make your own decisions and help you create agreements that everyone can live with.

More cooperative, less stressful solutions

Solving differences in divorce through mediation and collaboration is often less expensive, faster and less traumatic than fighting it out in court. A cooperative approach lessens emotional trauma for people who are divorcing, and for their children, and is the best choice for many clients. There are lots of ways to do it. I will discuss them on this web site, and tell you about how I can guide you through each one.

I will be your strong and knowledgeable advocate for your interests and objectives in these areas:

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Helping families divorce with less conflict