Accomplished Child Custody Lawyer On Your Side

When you are one of my clients going through a divorce, my priority as your attorney is to help you get through this difficult experience as quickly and painlessly as possible, never losing sight of your rights and your interests.

I am Teena Johnson, and as a lawyer I prefer to accomplish these goals through collaborative law, negotiation, mediation, or arbitration. But if it seems like this approach won’t be possible, I will litigate every contested issue for you with skill and energy.

A focus on child custody

One of the most commonly contested issues is child custody. Keeping in mind that preserving the well-being of children involved in a divorce was the very reason I got into this business, I will provide exceptional legal representation on this issue, because achieving a successful outcome is sincerely important to me.

Again, I can provide my clients with several advantages here:

  • I have received special training in mediation and collaborative law, and as a guardian ad litem in cases where the welfare of children is an issue.
  • I will make sure that you understand your rights and obligations under state statutes and child custody and support guidelines.
  • I will make sure you are fully prepared and that the legal strategy we utilize will give you the best opportunity for the results you want.
  • I can represent you in subsequent but related matters, such as in proceedings to modify or enforce the terms of child custody and support orders.

Innovative parenting plans

I am well grounded in family law and divorce issues in general, and matters involving children in particular. In mediation, I can contribute much more than legal guidance – I have the ability to help you create innovative, individualized parenting plans that go the extra mile to meet the needs of both parties in the divorce, including parenting plan modifications when needed.

By listening and learning about your situation, I can work with you to customize and personalize your child custody arrangement. There is virtually no way a family law judge can know as much about your circumstances and needs, or what the best interests of your children may be, as you and I working together.

Call me for innovative child custody solutions

Take advantage of my training and experience in child custody and the many other aspects of family law and divorce. Contact my office today via email or call 253-210-2872 to schedule an appointment.